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We manufacture a wide range of new pallets which include 4 way pallets, 2 way pallets, block pallets, reversible pallets, single use pallets, skids and custom pallet sizes to cover all your wood packaging requirements. Whether you are shipping within Winnipeg, around Manitoba or throughout the world we’ve got you covered.

We manufacture new pallets for domestic shipments as well as pallets that are ISPM 15 compliant for export around the world. Visit the CWPCA or CFIA for all information related to pallet requirements for export.

We cut all our own pallet material to ensure you receive the quality you expect. With multiple acres of yard space we can stock all the lumber needed to produce any size order of pallets and crates and ensure a high level of quality.

Our pallets are built using various wood species found in Western Canada which are sourced from sustainably managed trees to ensure the long term health and viability of our forests. To learn more about our environmental efforts refer to our Sustainability page.

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