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We produce a wide range of boxes and crates to cover all your shipping requirements both domestic and for export using ISPM 15 certified materials.

As a custom wooden crate manufacturer, Dominion Pallet & Crate is committed to designing, building, and delivering crates and boxes that will contain, support, and protect our customer’s products within both distribution and storage environments. Available in an almost infinite range of designs and configurations our crates and boxes are used to package a diverse array of products manufactured throughout Winnipeg and Manitoba. Whether your requirements are based on industry or government specifications or if a customized solution is what you need, our team of experts will help to determine the most appropriate design and materials for your wooden crate shipping solution.

Our objective is to see that your products are packaged to arrive safely at their destination.

As with our other products, our wooden crates are manufactured in a sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion. To learn more about our environmental efforts refer to our sustainability page.

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